Power runs up one leg of the table to a central grommet, creating an additional desking area. The paneled ceiling in the pop-out includes a recess for drapery and automated blinds. Sliding doors maximize space and automatically lock at night.

Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker hang on blush striped wallpaper by Schumacher. Hand knit dolls by Cuddle+Kind sit at a table and chairs by Poppie. Vintage gathering basket.

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A former linen closet was repurposed as a vestibule and focal point for a busy bunk room. Fibrous wall-paper, deep-pile wool carpets and foam insulation in the floor dampen the noise.

The counter height table is a natural gathering spot. Low backed stools are comfortable enough for long conversation but still tuck completely out of the way, allowing the table double as a second island or worktop. The table’s trestle base allows knees and chairs to move freely around it.

Raised paneling creates a portal to the outside spaces. The elevated porch becomes an extension of the kitchen from which the garden can be viewed. Automated blinds descend from the ceiling to maximize headroom and views.